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    Mock Duck Event, get 5 mill in a hour.


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    Mock Duck Event, get 5 mill in a hour.

    Post by Synth on Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:33 pm

    Mock Duck Event the 10th

    we will hold a mock duck event,
    every alliance guild and of course bloodthorns is welcome.
    This event got organised by Khaos.

    Mock Duck is a place filled with Ducks ,
    You need a ticket of the item mall to get there but you
    come back with more then 5 mill if u went there for a hour.

    Khaos will pay the item mall tickets ,but she asks a entrance
    fee of 300 K per person for the tickets. thats not much if u know
    that in the item mall its 100 RP !100 RP is 1 million chrones.

    Khaos just asks when u gather, to trade her if u dont have a mock duck ticket urself. then give her 300 K chrones and she gives u a mock duck ticket.
    Don't worry , u get ur 300 K back inside the mock duck because you wont go home emptyhanded. u can make up to 100 million in a day there.

    There is 3 or more rooms in Mock Duck
    A room filled with level 20 ducks
    A room filled with level 50 ducks
    A room filled with level 70 ducks

    we will split up in 3 groups.

    a level 20+ group go's to the level 20+ ducks room.
    A level 50+ group go's to the level 50+ ducks room
    a level 70+ group go's to the level 70+ ducks room.

    Its pretty simple, the ducks will drop items.They die of 1 hit each so be sure to have an Area damage skill with u Wink you gather as much u can.

    gather as much items till ur bag is completely filled with it. Then u run back to the NPC inside mock duck that u see when u enter mock duck and u take the quest that belongs to your level (lvl 20 quest for the lvl 20 ducks ,lvl 50 quest if u killed the lvl 50 ducks , lvl 70 quest if u killed the lvl 70 ducks because the 3 duckrooms all drop something different so take the right quest) , then u get for each 100 drops a reward, medals. the level 70 quest gives u 7 , the level 50 quest gives u 5 , the level 20 quest gives u 3 or something , if u gather 20 medals , u can trade them in at that NPC for a MOCK DUCK POUCHE , 1 of those pouches u can sell for 1 Million chrones!there u go , ur first million !

    wanna know why they can sell for 1 million chrones? dont open them if u want money! but those pouches , if u click them, it has a chance that theres a duck pet in it, a small chance only tough so its best to just sell it and safe up 10 mill to buy a duck pet urself out of someone else's hand cuz a mock duck pouche only has maybe 0.10% chance to contain a duck, the other % is all worthless items but many people buy it , the sell price is 1 mill , if u sell them for 800K in a kiosk while u go to sleep ,and if u then wake up at morning ,its all fast sold cuz u sell it that cheap and then ur rich =) and then u even have again enough money for next month's mock duck event to do it again Wink

    a few rules in mock duck!

    you do NOT pk in mock duck, because if you die , you get teleported out mock duck and you have to buy ANOTHER ticket to get back in !

    if you log off in mock duck,ur doomed! because u'll get teleported out mock duck when u log back in and u again need another ticket! so i hope for you that you have a good internet connection ,if not ,its best to have some extra cash with u for another 300 K entrance to pay to khaos if it happens that u disconnect. and then be sure to earn it back at the ducks .

    if you see a metal duck or a huge duck, run as fast as you can and warn everyone in guildchat to avoid it,its area damage boss. best is to run and avoid it ,it can 1 hit some lvl 60's, let synth and the other high levels handle it when it shows up.

    if you die, tell it immediatly in guildchat, synth will be there to revive you , do NOT press the confirm button , let synth revive u

    its at 7 AM england time , 8 Am hollland german belgium time and 11 pm in california if im corect .

    see u there!


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    Re: Mock Duck Event, get 5 mill in a hour.

    Post by Nataly on Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:30 am

    But i already have my mock duck Razz

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    Re: Mock Duck Event, get 5 mill in a hour.

    Post by Hell_boy on Tue Nov 17, 2009 1:38 pm

    Sadly the event is cancled cse tickets are no longer tradble Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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    Re: Mock Duck Event, get 5 mill in a hour.

    Post by LeLouch on Fri Nov 20, 2009 1:18 pm

    awww...but synth, when u go tell me.
    if i am free i can go with u Very Happy
    i will buy my own ticket:D
    but if i die, remember to revive me xD =D

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    Re: Mock Duck Event, get 5 mill in a hour.

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