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    Predator introduction


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    Predator introduction

    Post by Synth on Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:55 pm

    This Guide Got Written by SilentGoddess .

    Yes i know my predator is only level 55 but there is a reason for that.
    It used to be level 92 avenger Kha0s but i got tired of avenger, you always need
    to cross your fingers to get a crit.

    So i sold my avenger and buyed a seal with it and a lot more and this time i deceided to do my own thing and stop following other dhans.

    i deceided to go Predator. A path not many dhans dare to choose because they don't know what it includes . let me tell you why that is.

    First of all, Avengers get more used because the predator quest can take weeks to complete. a predator class is like an ELITE avenger class. only the best of the best are good enough to complete the predator quest while others go avenger because they are stuck in the predator quest. because of that, Avengers started to dislike people that DID succeed the predator quest so they started to talk blab about predators which made predators rare because the rumors became stronger every day. however , ask yourself this question ; have you ever seen a predator get killed by an avenger? the answer will be NO , not even a level 95 avenger can kill a level 55 predator. Predator is the elite form of avengers

    they can AREA DAMAGE , They can AREA Heal , Party Heal , They can make a
    whole party invisible, they can do pretty much anything.

    The only thing good about a avenger is the double psychic phantom but its not that effective as the predator skills.

    There ,i hope i cleared the predator names with this explanation.


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    Re: Predator introduction

    Post by Grizzle on Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:56 pm

    you make me feel bad that i was too lazy for the pred quest lol

    but for now avengers are cool i just pked a lvl 6x guardian trying to pk my party mb+invenom+3 crits in a row = good bye guardian =]

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