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    Dragon Knight Job Quest lvl 50 (Solo Quest)


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    Dragon Knight Job Quest lvl 50 (Solo Quest)

    Post by Synth on Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:24 pm

    I couldn't find a guide for this elsewhere, and since I need to do the quest anyways, I thought I might as well make a guide along the way...here it is:

    So you've hit level 50 and the wait is over...

    Not quite. Looks like you still have to do one more thing to become a Dragon Knight.

    1. Start by going to the NPC Surbhar in Rev'Deca. He will ask you to seek out another NPC, Talia.

    2. Talia is located at the Downstream of Shamar River bindstone.

    3. She will ask you to find a Statue of a Wailing Dragon, which is located at the entrance of the Black Dragon Sanctuary.

    4. After this, you need to speak with an NPC named Guliermo, located at the Dragon Eyes bindstone.

    5. Head back to Surbhar for the next part of the quest. He will ask you to deliver "the Remnants to the Altar of the Late King", which is located at Ferdinant's Mausoleum.

    6. After this, you will need to speak with Camila, an NPC located at the Caronia's Tomb bindstone

    7. Camila will give you a quest where you need to get 3 items, one after the other.

    1x Sealed Red Blade - Dropped by Fire Drakes
    1x Sealed Black Blade - Dropped by Black Drakes
    1x Sealed Silver Blade - Dropped by Glacial Drakes

    Note: These are also rare drops, so don't expect them to fall after a single kill.

    This is definately the hardest part of becoming a dragon knight.
    - All these dragons are located deep within Caronia's Tomb and you are expected to kill them in there.
    - There are also a couple known locations outside of dungeons where you can find fire and black drakes.
    - They are also located deep within the Black Dragon Sanctuary, which has a layout almost identical to Caronia's Tomb.

    If you have some friends who can party with you, or you're very strong and have confidence in your abilities, you can head straight into Caronia's Tomb and tear up some drakes. For the rest of you who probably aren't as strong yet are still thinking of soloing this, I'll go over where to find Fire / Black Drakes outside of the dungeons, which is the route I took when I did this quest. (However, I should say here that you're going to have to go into the dungeons anyways to kill the glacial drakes, so you might as well suck it up and bear with going straight into the dungeons. Either that, or become stronger, because getting only the red and black sealed blades isn't going to make you a DK, or even complete this part of the quest anyways).

    There is one Fire Drake which spawns in Flame's Cove. Its level 55 and surrounded by level 50 Flame Sprites but those shouldn't be a problem.
    Just kill the Fire Drake until you get the Sealed Red Blade. This took me 5 tries.

    There are a whole bunch of Black Drakes which spawn in Myrtle Woods at D8. There are some tough monsters on the way there which are level 55+, but your mount should be able to run past them all. There is one Black Drake near the main road that spawns apart from the others, so there should be no problem dealing with it 1-on-1. Kill that sucker until he drops the Sealed Black Blade. This took me 4 tries.

    Now for the Glacial Drakes.
    Sorry, but as of this moment, I don't know of any Glacial Drakes that are outside of dungeons. So for now, you are forced to head into Caronia's Tomb or the BDS. I tried the BDS first, but did not make it. I wouldn't recommend going there. Getting to the drakes isn't a problem, but the drakes are in groups of 3-4 and are all stuffed into this tiny corridor. If you're only level 50, they have montrous aggro on you and I found myself fighting 6 at a time (a combination of red and black drakes), also due to the fact it took me forever to kill each one so they would respawn faster than I could kill.

    IMO, Caronia's Tomb is much easier than BDS when you get to the drakes. They spawn in smaller groups and are much more spread out. You should only need to fight 2, maybe 3 at a time max, which is much more feasible than 6.

    It just so happens the first group of Glacial Drakes you encounter in Caronia's Tomb is a group of 2 and they are both seperated from other mobs at a corner of a hallway, just waiting for you to kill.

    So go ahead and kill them until you get your Sealed Silver Blade. This took me 3 tries.

    If you’ve made it here, then you’re done with the hard stuff. The rest is pretty smooth sailing.

    8. Upon returning to Surbhar, he will tell you to speak with Bahadur, who is located in the palace of Rev’Deca.

    9. Kill the boss, Adharmha.

    Bahadur will ask you to obtain a Karbara’s Contract, which you get from killing a boss called Adharmha located in the Forest of Enlightenment at F4. She is a piece of cake, but does have the ability to stun you, so be careful anyways.

    10. Report back to Bahadur and he will tell you to see Surbhar again.

    12. Congrats! You are now a Dragon Knight.

    Time to spend some of those saved up skill points, no?

    this is officialy written by charmeleon <3


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