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    Take a Guess, game November


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    Take a Guess, game November

    Post by Synth on Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:03 pm

    Welcome in 'take a guess!'

    The game is easy, entrance is 50 000 chrones.
    Its a Monthly game.

    Everyone that wants to join pays 50 000 chrones.
    It gets gathered in a jackpot.

    The goal is to find the word!
    There is One hint : Animal

    post your guess what word we are looking for.
    There is NO end date for this game till someone found the word!
    Every 2 days the forum gets checked to see if someone found it yet.
    Beware,you first have to pay 50 000 chrones before you can post a guess here with the quick reply button!

    every guess you do is 50 000 chrones.
    The one who finds the word all the entrance money.

    if it takes longer then a month to guess the word,we will give a second hint to everyone . good luck !


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