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    Best ScreenShot Contest Month November !


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    Best ScreenShot Contest Month November !

    Post by Synth on Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:58 pm

    Every Month we hold a best screenshot contest.

    You can now enter for the month november your best screenshot to participate in this contest!

    Its Simple , you can post maximum 5 screenshots to participate in this contest.
    Every Month we give you a word where the screenshot has to be about.

    This month its the word 'water' so make beautifull screenshots where you see water in or bleu or waterfalls , anything that makes u think about water.

    BEWARE ,if you enter this contest you pay a fee of 10 000 chrones to Synth,
    she gathers all the money of everyone that joins it for this month and puts it in the bank , the total money we gather will be the reward that the winning best screenshot will win!

    so how more contestants , how more money there is to win!
    so get the other guildies to join u in this awesome contest,
    you have a month the time to post your best screenshots here.

    If you want to post more then 5 screenshots ,
    you have to pay an extra 10K for EACH extra screenshot.

    how to make screenshots :

    its easy, go in rohan and when you want to take a picture press the 'print screen' button next to F12 on your keyboard ,it will take a picture,go to your documents to 'rohan screenshots' to find the picture.

    How to upload and put it here :

    press the 'reply' button to write a new message,then u see a lot of buttons,
    press the 'host an image' icon and then upload the picture, select the picture,
    press okey and copy the code that starts with [ i m g ] ,

    then put this code here and press the 'send' button , it will appear as a image.
    You have time till the 28th november to enter your screenshots,

    there will be a voting poll from the 28th till the end of the month to vote which screenshot will win! good luck !


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